Losing a Pet Is More Painful Than Most People Think

Why do we love our pets? What would it feel like to lose our pet? There are more reasons than we can list in one article, but that’s something that only pet owners can truly understand.

There are no words to describe the joy pets bring to our lives. The way they patiently wait for us to play with them, the way they welcome us at the door every day we return from work or school, the way they do all these funny tricks and pranks that make us laugh, and the way they love us unconditionally. That’s something you can just feel.

They are the most loyal friends we can ever have, offering us their company when we’re sad or lonely, when we need hug or comfort, or when we just need someone to share our happiness with. They are always here – in good times and bad times to remind us that we’re not alone.

That’s why losing a pet is one of the hardest things we can experience in life. Saying goodbye to our pets is always a painful and traumatic experience. It’s actually saying goodbye to our best friend.


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