17 Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes That’ll Make Your Christmas Memorable

Whipped Shortbread cookies

Christmas cookies

Simple to make fancy shortbread cookies that will wow everyone. The decorating ideas are endless. You can decorate with sprinkles, M&M, jam, chocolate or have a little fun and mix all of them. The decoration makes the cookies stand out and super inviting.

Full recipe Something Swanky

Christmas Snowball Cookies

Christmas cookies

These snowball cookies are buttery, melt in your mouth, easy to make, quick, and are perfect for coffee and tea. They are great  for holiday gift giving. You can make a big batch because they remain soft and delicious for a few days. You can also make them prior to reduce the amount of cooking on Christmas day and just freeze them in an air tight container.

Full recipe Yummiest food.

Christmas cookie recipes


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