17 Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes That’ll Make Your Christmas Memorable

Christmas treats

Holidays are fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about all the fun delicacies and decor like easy Christmas cookie recipes, Christmas food, Christmas carols, Christmas tree ideas and Christmas Mason jar crafts. It’s time to get into that Holiday spirit.

You will fall in love with these yummy Christmas cookie recipes on the first bite, they melt into your mouth with every bite. With most of them, you can make a few days prior which will give you enough time to prepare the other delicious dishes.

These Christmas cookies are perfect for cookies exchange, Christmas gifts and any holiday parties you might be hosting or attending. Extremely fun to make and to eat as well. Get a glass of warm milk ready to enjoy these holiday cookies. There is so much to choose from, different flavors and designs that will blow your mind.

It can’t be Christmas without delicious, festive Christmas cookies, right? Let’s dive in.

christmas cookie recipes

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Perfect and easy cookies that are not only great for Christmas but for any other festive time of year. The delicious flavor of red velvet, buttery soft and topped with best cream cheese frosting is everything you would ever want in cookies.

They are rich, soft , creamy , crisp on the outside, buttery on the inside, easy to make and the best part is that you need basic ingredients so they will be less stressful. Sugar cookies are big during Christmas holiday but you don’t have to serve them so classic, you can be a little adventurous. Adding colored sprinkles always goes a big way. They will be  gone so fast, you better make a big batch.

Full recipe Yummiest food

Whipped Shortbread cookies

Christmas cookies

Simple to make fancy shortbread cookies that will wow everyone. The decorating ideas are endless. You can decorate with sprinkles, M&M, jam, chocolate or have a little fun and mix all of them. The decoration makes the cookies stand out and super inviting.

Full recipe Something Swanky

Christmas Snowball Cookies

Christmas cookies

These snowball cookies are buttery, melt in your mouth, easy to make, quick, and are perfect for coffee and tea. They are great  for holiday gift giving. You can make a big batch because they remain soft and delicious for a few days. You can also make them prior to reduce the amount of cooking on Christmas day and just freeze them in an air tight container.

Full recipe Yummiest food.

Christmas cookie recipes

Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

Holiday cookies

The combination of the peppermint and the chocolate makes these cookies so delicious and perfect for the holidays. These dark chocolate candy cane cookies are made with the black cocoa powder which makes then unique from the the standard holiday cookies.

The black cocoa powder makes the cookies so delicious, rich in flavour and color. You can bake and freeze them prior but leave the decorating until you are ready to enjoy them.

Full recipe Liv for cake

White Chocolate Dipped Sugar cookies

Christmas cookie recipes

If you are looking for easy Christmas cookie recipes that are a must, you have to try these delicious white chocolate dipped sugar cookies. They are so delicious, easy, cute and super soft. You can have the kids help out with the decorating part.

Source Yummiest food

Soft Batch Christmas Sprinkle Cookies

Christmas cookie recipes

These cookies are super easy, soft, buttery and quick. You don’t need to roll the dough. These cookies will be so inviting and a show stopper on your dessert table. Something about sprinkles attracts people. These uses basic sugar cookie dough which has been customized a little bit.

The cornstarch keeps the cookies so thick, puffy and the cream cheese keeps them super soft, and makes them taste extra buttery. What not to love about that.

Full recipe The Salty Marshmallow

Cut Out Sugar Cookies

christmas cookies

How beautiful are these cut out sugar cookies. They are gluten free and a crowd pleaser. You can be assured these are going to be your go to Christmas cookies. I love the blue frosting, doesn’t it make you think of all things snow and new years.

If you are looking for easy Christmas cookie recipes that don’t spread then you must try this sugar cookies version.

Full recipe The evolving table

White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

Christmas cookie recipes

Anything with raspberries am all in. Berries in my book make everything better. Traditional soft chocolate chip cookies modified by substitute white chocolate and add freeze dried raspberries to come up with this fun and yummy delicious variation.

This recipe uses a little bit of corn starch which helps to keeps the cookies soft and prevent from spreading too much. Since these cookies uses dried raspberries be keen not to far in advance as they could go stale.

Full recipe Chocolate with Grace

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

Christmas desserts

Fun chocolate cookies that are perfect for any holiday or for any other occasion. They are rolled in sprinkles and topped with a chocolate kiss. Sprinkles makes everything festive and fun, right? They are so yummy, you will hardly be able to control yourself once you try one. They are going star of every holiday cookie platter.

Perfect enjoyed with a cup of milk. You can customize the cookies by using different flavored kisses in the center like candy cane. So rich and colorful.

Full recipe Twopeasandtheirpod

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch cookies

Christmas desserts

These chocolate peppermint crunch cookies have all the fun details that screams Christmas from a far. The chocolate chips, peppermint crunch pieces, and candy cane pieces. These cookies will instantly put you in that holiday spirit.

Be careful when using the candy cane because they melt which can end up in a melted mess.

Full recipe Here

Oreo Peppermint Cookies

Christmas desserts

These cookies are going to be a hit for any holiday party. Who doesn’t love Oreo? Fun, festive, colorful, soft, chewy, easy to make and delicious. They have everything you want in cookies. Peppermint is one of the most popular holiday flavors that are hard to miss.

Full recipe Twopeasandtheirpod

Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Blossoms

Chtistmas desserts

We can’t have Christmas cookie recipes without Christmas tree themed cookies right? The salty-sweet combination of chocolate and peanut butter is perfection. So good, they will melt into your mouth with every bite you take.

Full recipe Java cupcake

Christmas Pinwheel Sugar Cookies

Christmas cookies

Pinwheel sugar cookie are also classic Christmas desserts that should not miss cookie platter. Easy, festive and super inviting. Pinwheel cookies are perfect for holidays because you can easily customize them with different colors, sprinkles and flavors. For example you can try orange food coloring and your extracts could be green and mint, and yellow and lemon.

Soft, colorful, festive and yummy holiday cookies that everyone will love. They are perfect for cookie holiday and holiday parties.

Full recipe Baked by Rachel

Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas cookie recipes

This is one of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes. Not only does it look phenomenal but tastes so heavenly. Super light and it melts in your mouth. The key to cook them perfectly is to have them at a low temperature for a long time.

Full recipe This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

Christmas Cookie Recipes: Snow Globe

Christmas treats

Christmas cookie recipes doesn’t have to be so boring. They can be fun and creative. How about you make your own Christmas cookie snow globes this holiday season. Beautiful, neat and simple.

Source Cookie Connection

Christmas Cranberry Macarons

Christmas cookies

Santa cookies anyone? Yes please. They are so perfect as gifts. These are going to be a show stopper.

Full recipe Holi Coffee

Peanut Butter Cut-Out Cookies

Christmas cookie recipes

How cute are these cookies? The snowman and penguin design detail is so amazing. These cookies are filled with peanut butter goodness, they are slightly crisp and the best part is that they keep the shape. They pair nicely with vanilla royal icing and they are ideal for decorating and gifting. These will be the perfect sweet holiday treat.

Full recipe Sweetopia

Melted Snowman Cookies

Christmas treats

How about snow man cookies for your Christmas treats?

Source Cookcraftlove

christmas cookies

I hope these 18 mouth-watering Christmas cookie recipes have inspired you and you are excited to bake some this year. Make sure you involve the kids, they can help with rolling the dough, decorating and brainstorming different shapes. Years down the line they will always have those fond memories of you and them baking together on Christmas Eve or Christmas.