Christmas Recipe and Menu Ideas in 2019 to Impress Guests in Feast Table

Classic Beef Wellington


The gourmet dish was named after Duke of Wellington, and it is a traditional British dish for Christmas. It takes a little more effort and patience to pull off a preparation like this, but rest assured—it is worth preparing. You mainly need Beef and Chicken along with an array of spices and garnishing items.

Yorkshire Pudding


It is another common British side dish, the batter of which is prepared with the help of eggs, flour, and milk or water. The pudding can be served with a variety of main course fit for the Holiday season. This is extremely versatile customary dish that have been enjoyed by various people all over the world.

Marsala Stuffed Mushrooms


If you have been planning for a delicious delicacy of a savoury appetizer for the Christmas holiday menu 2019, then the ‘Marsala Stuffed Mushrooms’ would be the right pick for you. The crispy breadcrumbs, delicious sausage and mouth-water cheesy flavour would enhance the taste buds of your guests like no other.

Grilled Lamb Chops


A customary and elegant fine dining item that should definitely make it to your Christmas menu list for the year 2019. Make sure your lovely grilled lamb chops are tender, juicy, delicious and fabulous in taste with class combination of mustard and breadcrumb crust layering.


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